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The Car Dash Cam Shop values customer service as much as we do supply excellent dash cams. To make sure our customers are well informed about the items we carry, we offer dash cam reviews & first impressions. These commentaries will let you know our professional thoughts on the product, and for which type of buyer they would best suit.

We also provide customers with a list of our frequently asked questions, along with thorough answers. If you need to know how to install your dashcam, or which model is most discreet, you’ll find immediate answers there.

We personally test every product we supply to ensure you the customer get the best, premium brand Dash Camera’s on the market.

At The Car Dash Cam Shop, we’re certain that we have a dashcam that will meet your requirements. From simple low budget options to the most advanced systems on the market, we carry them all! For more information about our products and services, contact us today!

Top Sellers

  • Viofo A119 V3 With Gps 2k 2560*1600p 30fps Quad Hd+ Car Dash Cam

    R2,127.50R2,673.75 VAT INCLUDED
  • Viofo A119 Mini 2k 1440p 60fps Built-in 5ghz Wi-fi And GPS Logger Quad HD Dashcam

    R2,331.05R2,877.30 VAT INCLUDED
  • Finevu GX5000 Dual FullHD

    R3,645.50R5,602.80 VAT INCLUDED
  • T130-3Ch

    Viofo T130 3 Channel Front 2k 1440p + Interior 1080p + Rear 1080p

    R4,525.25R5,071.50 VAT INCLUDED
  • JC400P EdgeCam 2 Channel

    R4,881.99R5,284.49 VAT INCLUDED
  • Sale!

    Blackvue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus

    R8,442.15R12,635.05 VAT INCLUDED

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