Tracksolid Pro is a SaaS platform for GPS tracking and video monitoring. It offers a complete set of services designed for monitoring any driver and person, detect reckless driving behavior, track fleet vehicles and cargoes in real-time, collect vehicle data, and more to help businesses achieve greater productivity and efficiency. As part of an off-the-shelf turnkey solution, Tracksolid Pro is secure, open, and scalable, and plays an essential role to enable visibility and controllability, simplify management, and optimize resources utilization.

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Real-Time Tracking

Track any object or person in real time. Find forgotten vehicles, recover stolen ones, and learn about distribution to maximize utilization, reduce loss, and facilitate dispatching.

Multi-Channel Video Streaming

Provide complete visibility on the road and in the yard in real-time. Monitor multiple fleet vehicles or critical positions of the same vehicle in one view and alert on any intrusion or theft attempt.

Route Planning

Plan delivery route ahead to avoid traffic or routes that may pose danger to drivers, cargoes, or vehicles. This helps cut fuel and driving expenses, increase productivity, improve customer experience, and reduce mileage.

Event Video Storage

Store and mark critical video clips in the same page for later review and evidentiary support to rate drivers, coach bad drivers, avoid false claims, and exonerate innocent ones. Filter event clips by device, type, state, or time period to fast locate the ones that matters most to a specific situation.

Video and Route Playback

Review history video clips and traveled routes to prevent fleet vehicles from being used for private purposes, determine if drivers or other staff have followed the pre-planned route, learn about how drivers have behaved behind the wheel, and provide reliable evidence in case of false claims.

Driver Monitoring & Coaching

Monitor driver’s vigilance behind the wheel and alert on fatigue or distraction or more. Detect reckless driving practices and give out in-cab alerts to ensure the safety of drivers, cargoes, passengers, pedestrians, and more.

Fuel Control

Monitor fuel level and alert on possible fuel theft incidents. Collect fuel consumption data from fuel sensors, compute estimated fuel expenses, and notify drivers when to refill.

Reports & Analytics

Present true real-time data in actionable intuitive graphs and lists. Provide details about exceptions to enable you to discover where to improve and how your fleets and drivers have behaved on the road.

Fleet Maintenance

Schedule regular maintenance for each vehicle based on its purchase date and usage frequency. Ensure mechanics are reminded in time so fleet vehicles are always running in optimal state.

Live Alerts

Give out real-time alerts on exceptions, including low internal battery, entering or leaving preset geographic areas, door status change, ignition status, unexpected vibrations, sudden fuel level drop, sudden temperature change in reefer, and so on.

Account Management

Create multiple subaccounts and grant permissions based on their roles in the organization. This feature helps streamline processes and define responsibilities.

Mobile App

Provide end users and fleet managers or operators with 24/7 access to their vehicles from any Android or iOS smartphone. The free mobile application enables them to monitor people and assets from anywhere.



  • Monitor vehicles 24/7/365 to improve response times
  • Detect activities at unauthorized locations
  • Monitor aggressive driving behavior
  • Alert when vehicles leave jurisdiction
  • Alert on personal use policy violations, speeding, idling, impact or collision, battery strength, etc.
  • Improve vehicle fuel efficiency


  • Event videos for evidentiary support to reduce insurance frauds and exonerate innocent ones
  • Mileage data for premium estimation and discount
  • Driving behavior analysis for improving driving habits and further saving money on insurance premiums
  • Driver distraction or fatigue or phone use or drinking alerts and video clips to assist drivers and protect them day in and day out

Logistics & Delivery

  • GPS tracking to keep tabs on the whereabouts of fleet vehicles and cargoes such as packages and valuable equipment at any given time to improve transport efficiency
  • Effective route planning to ensure timely delivery and safe passage to raise customer satisfaction
  • Driver distraction or fatigue alerts and video clips to protect driver and goods safety
  • Collect and analyze data related to fuel consumption and reckless driving to spot areas where fuel costs can be reduced


  • Track and trace in real-time to recover stolen vehicles and see distribution for better and rapid dispatch
  • Analyze riding behavior to coach riders
  • Regulate parking with virtual boundary to prevent roads from blocking and help government optimize curb management and enforce permit conditions by providing reliable data
  • Schedule regular maintenance to prolong vehicle’s life
  • Set speed limit to protect riders and pedestrians

Rental & Leasing

  • Keep track of vehicles and easily locate them to know the whereabouts of rented or leased vehicles and protect against theft
  • Get accurate mileage and fuel data to ensure accurate invoice and billing
  • Virtual boundary to limit the use area of the rented or leased vehicles and alert on any violation so managers can act quickly
  • Create maintenance reminders and alerts to prolong vehicle’s life
  • Lower insurance costs with clear and reliable collision video clips

Taxi & Riding Hailing

  • Real-time oversight over taxis or ride-hailing vehicles
  • Route planning to compute the shortest route to passengers, saving fuel and improve customer experience
  • Driver distraction or fatigue alerts and video clips to ensure driver and passenger safety
  • Driving behavior alerts and video clips to increase safe driving and coach drivers in real-time and afterwards
  • Create maintenance reminders and alerts to prolong vehicle’s life

Asset Management

  • Realize asset tracking, state monitoring and intelligent management with much ease.
  • Track and monitor the distribution of assets in real time, reducing the incidence rate of theft and recovering the stolen asset with great assistance.
  • Support the data transmission through the mainstream communication interface.
  • Visual data reports for viewing and unified management of all assets.
  • Alerts on abnormal events so remedial actions can be taken in time.

Construction & Mining

  • Alert on unexpected vibrations or towing to protect equipment from theft
  • Detect idling equipment to reduce fuel expenses
  • Schedule regular maintenance to improve utilization and productivity
  • Video visibility into the surroundings and cabin of the construction vehicle to ensure driver and worker safety
  • View equipment distribution to facilitate fast dispatch


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