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Founded in 2011, VIOFO has become one of the top professional manufacturers for reliable, inspired, interactive and ultimate dashcam design around the world. The high-quality video resolution, discreet design and premium smart functions bring VIOFO dashcam outstanding performance.


In 2011, most of the dash cams in the market use a built-in battery which is not safe while the camera heating, so VIOFO brings the first super capacitor dash cam G1W-C into the market. And at that time dash cams are very big, use a big suction mount that makes it very obvious. So, in 2013 we develop the small hidden wedge dashcam A118C. Soon the wedge dash cams are very popular in the market, and we keep improve the products using the latest technology like improve the video resolution from Full HD to Quad HD and 4K UHD, support dual-channel front and rear camera recording, using the built-in GPS logger instead of external GPS module, adding the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity. You can find these smart features and innovative technologies in our latest models like A119 V3, A129 Duo, A129 Duo Pro.

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